Residential & Commercial Excavating Services

Experienced Excavating Contractor

Our excavation contractors provide topsoil and fill, dirt removal, relocating and grading services and more. We prepare sites for residential or commercial construction by removing, hauling, relocating or bringing in dirt, sand or gravel. Excavation services are provided for basements, foundations, driveways, parking lots and more.

We are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment to install septic systems.


• Custom Work
• Ponds
• Large Rock Work
• Retaining Walls
• Septic Systems
• Basement Excavations
• Bush Cleaning
• Grading
• Demolition
• Residential



A construction dig done to rough out a basement.


A foundation is the lowest supporting layer of any building structure. Surface soil is removed to expose soil that is compacted enough to bear the load of the home.

Large Rock Work

Retaining Walls

We can design and construct walls to reinforce sloping areas when there is a change in ground elevation.

Shoreline Restoration

We help preserve the shoreline and minimize erosion by constructing well-built breakwater walls.

Ponds & Water Features

We excavate sites for outdoor pond or water feature installations, and then place large rocks or boulders around the edge.


Driveway Construction

A well-built driveway needs to have all of the same design characteristics you would find in a well-constructed road. Proper drainage and location are key to ensuring a long-lasting driveway.


Tear Downs

We safely and efficiently tear down buildings and other structures.


Walkways & Stairs

We create beautiful and safe pathways around your home or business. Accent your building structure, creating a grand entrance.