Bailey Excavating will start you from the ground up

With our wide array of excavation services, we will create a strong foundation for your residential or commercial building projects.

Professional Excavating Services

Bailey Excavating is a locally owned and operated excavating business founded on quality workmanship and honesty by owner John Bailey. Always expanding to accommodate our client’s growing needs, we are dedicated to helping each customer turn their ideas into a reality through quality excavating services. 

From ponds, stone steps, rock paths, shoreline restorations to foundations, basement excavations, demolitions, lot leveling, septic tank installations and more – Bailey Excavating can help you create your ideal outdoor paradise! 

We are licensed by the Ministry of the Environment to install septic systems.

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Basement excavations and foundation work to prepare for building construction.

grading, leveling


Grading for driveways, walkways and roads, which will ensure proper drainage.

retaining wall

Large Rock Work

Large rocks for retaining walls, stairs and ponds, which will reinforce and look great!

teardown, Demolition


Demolition services to remove old structures and prepare building sites.